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Maintain your child's oral hygiene

You can help promote a healthy lifestyle for your child by relying on the friendly and affordable pediatric dentistry services of Richard C. Strachan MS DMD.


From simple cleanings to baby root canals, our versatile services can accommodate your

child's needs.

High-quality pediatric dental care:

Teach your child how to brush properly

You can instill healthy brushing habits into your child's life through our helpful brushing lessons.

Experience trusted by families just like yours

- Dr. Strachan – over 27 years

 of experience

- Beth Hilliard, hygienist – 30

 years of experience

- Annual check-ups for toddlers

- Composite fillings

- Dental care education

- Extractions

- Fillings

- Fluoride treatments

- Gentle brushing / rubber cup

 teeth cleaning

- Growth and development


- Halitosis treatment  

- Non-surgical gum treatments

- Pulpectomy

- Regular cleanings

- (Baby) Root canals

- Space maintainers

- TMJ appliances and treatment

- X-rays


New patients are always welcome.

Most insurance claims accepted.

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